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Netheos plays the « 100% made in France » card to counter identity fraud

Identifying a person online is too sensitive a matter to be left to machines alone. Human intervention is also necessary in a context of increasing identity fraud on the Internet. Based on this observation, shared with the ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Systems Security), Netheos has created a subsidiary dedicated to this activity and has made the socially responsible choice to recruit the anti-fraud team locally – in Montpellier.

In addition to our identity verification technologies, we now offer our identity verification technologiesa manual control service. As a French trusted third party, we rely on human resources with anti-fraud analysts in charge of completing the work of Artificial Intelligence with their control. A service for financial institutions, trusted third parties and remote identity verification providers subject to government specifications since last April.

While activities in the digital sector are often relocated offshore for reasons of cost optimization, sometimes to the detriment of protecting citizens’ private data, Netheos Services is taking the opposite gamble and will open 30 positions in its Montpellier employment area by the end of 2022.

In order to ensure the necessary skills, Netheos Services has designed a training and coaching program with fraud experts, in order to build a team of analysts capable of tracking down increasingly sophisticated identity theft schemes. As part of an inclusive approach, recruitment is thus accessible without any diploma or qualification criteria, thanks to technical tests detecting aptitudes for the job.

The positions are defined in such a way as to adapt to the constraints (childcare, multiple activities, etc.) or projects of the candidates (combination of studies and salaried activity, work-study program, career in financial services, etc.), but also in such a way as to cover the needs and activity periods of our clients. So it’s a win-win exchange between the very diverse ways of working today.


Olivier Détour Netheos

“With Netheos Services, our goal is to offer our customers and remote identity verification providers a French offer that fits unequivocally into the framework defined by the public authorities. Our ambition is to go further by building a team of high value-added analysts, which is the only way for us to guarantee true digital trust to our users »

Olivier Détour, CEO of Netheos


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