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Identity verification

Netheos ID MAX

The most secure video identity verification with a unique experience

Verify remote identity with our PVID course, currently being certified by ANSSI. The combination of AI and people, 24/7, with a response in less than 2 minutes.


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The benefits of Netheos ID MAX

Secure verification process

The course includes a random, non-replayable challenge.

Fraud detection

Eliminate the risk of usurpation through facial recognition.

Maximum safety

Regularly audited, the solution meets precise specifications.

Regulatory compliance

The course is currently undergoing PVID certification by ANSSI.

100% web course

Available without application download.

Optimized user experience

Quick and easy user guidance.

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Ensure safety and regulatory compliance

Netheos’ ®Facematch MAX facial recognition solution brings an extra level of security to identity verification, by ensuring that the person walking through the door is actually the owner of the ID document.

This feature is based on a facial recognition algorithm and protects against identity theft when the journey is carried out remotely.

The ID Max solution is currently undergoing PVID certification by ANSSI. It will enable organizations subject to LCB-FT (Fight Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) regulations to comply with the 5th additional vigilance measure of the French Monetary and Financial Code.

The solution uses “user challenges” to complete the live recognition that ensures the non-replayable nature of the videos. These challenges prevent malicious users from reusing them for identity theft. A patent protects the innovative nature of the user challenge on the identity document.

How Netheos ID MAX works

Our solution is accessible via all media (computers, mobiles, tablets). The process is done entirely online and is carried out in 4 quick and easy steps:

  1. Identity document verification

    The user frames his identity document. It is supported by dynamic indicators (framing, sharpness, brightness).

  2. Identity document check

    Manipulations are required to verify that the title is authentic by detecting embossing, inks and holographic visual effects.

  3. User face control

    The user films his face by following the movement indications displayed.

  1. User challenge

    3 random words must be spoken to detect the user's alertness.

  2. Audit result

    The final verification is carried out by a human operator who, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, checks the authenticity of documents and videos.

Netheos ID MAX key figures


Response times tailored to your needs.

5 minutes

Average end-to-end user journey time.

2 minutes

Average time to final verdict.

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“Netheos has improved our transformation rate throughout the entire process. Above all, it has significantly shortened transformation times. And clearly, very significantly, improved return rates. “


Executive Vice-President - Floa Bank (Banque Casino)

“Netheos offers a low-code subscription path for the integrator that will enable us to accept today and tomorrow all the new technologies needed to achieve the finest user experience.”


CISO - CNP Assurances


Project Manager - Franfinance


The PVID standard standardizes practices. Its requirements have several impacts on the user experience:

  • A lengthening of the route, requiring several defined stages and challenges, making the experience less fluid.
  • Technical constraints on the capture device: high definition, number of frames per second.
  • Asynchronous response through systematic manual checking to ensure reliable and accurate verification.

Yes, this is one of ANSSI’s requirements for PVID. The final verdict must be given by a human, an operator authorized to carry out this operation, and based at the certified service provider’s premises.

We’ve patented our challenge to make the user experience unique. The aim is to efficiently verify user identity while reducing the risk of abandonment. Our verification process is as simple as possible. We wanted to create a playful, gamified experience with as few movements as possible.

We have passed all the necessary audits. However, PVID certification is not automatic. ANSSI allows itself time to thoroughly evaluate the various service providers. No precise timetable has been given, but we expect a decision soon.

This service will be equivalent to a face-to-face check. It will enable organizations subject to the Monetary and Financial Code to comply with the regulation, in particular with their customer due diligence obligations. It responds to the 5th measure concerning the use of a certified service with a substantial guarantee level.

More generally, this verification process can be used by other sectors wishing to benefit from the highest level of security and a rigorously audited solution.

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