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Netheos KYC Check

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Benefits of Netheos KYC Check

Regulatory compliance

You keep your databases up to date and minimize the risk of errors.

Simplified processes

Automation makes it easier to manage your campaigns.

Optimization of customer data verification

Control identities and documents reliably.

Optimized user experience

A seamless, 100% remote experience.

100% automated route

Analysis of receipts and reminders are carried out by IA.

Fraud detection

Our AI technologies enable us to analyze the authenticity of the documents sent.

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Run your KYC remediation campaign

Financial institutions are required to implement KYC processes. Due to regulatory developments, these systems change regularly. KYC procedures must be carried out not only when a customer enters into a relationship, but also throughout the entire business relationship.

Inadequate control of these processes poses a major regulatory risk, which could result in sanctions.

Remediation campaigns update customer data to maintain or restore regulatory compliance. Fluid processes must be put in place so as not to impede the customer experience and relationship.

How Netheos KYC Check works

Our solution is accessible via all media (computers, mobiles, tablets). The entire process is carried out online, in 3 quick and easy steps:

  1. Assess your level of compliance

    Identify valid customer receipts in EDM (Electronic Document Management). Our technologies cross-reference the data available in EDM and in the database. They automatically check all receipts, so you can quickly target customers in need of remediation (customers whose receipts don't comply).

  2. Launch your KYC remediation campaign

    Based on this targeting, the next step is to update non-compliant files. The process begins by sending an e-mail or SMS to the customer, enabling them to submit their new documents via a secure online space. It continues with automatic reminders if necessary.

  3. Industrialize manual processing of anomalies

    Because it's impossible to process everything automatically, the final step is to speed up the manual processing of those files that require it. Most of these files can be caught up via our dedicated back-office interface. The part that cannot be made up can be reopened, i.e. treated as incomplete.

Key figures for Netheos KYC Check


Processing costs.

28 days

Average duration of a remediation campaign.


Automatically complete and compliant files.

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“Netheos has improved our transformation rate throughout the entire process. Above all, it has significantly shortened transformation times. And clearly, very significantly, improved return rates. “


Executive Vice-President - Floa Bank (Banque Casino)

“Netheos offers a low-code subscription path for the integrator that will enable us to accept today and tomorrow all the new technologies needed to achieve the finest user experience.”


CISO - CNP Assurances


Project Manager - Franfinance


Yes. We have a team of anti-fraud experts on hand to complement the work of the AI with their own controls. If necessary, this team can manually process files that have raised an alert. Thanks to its technologies and teams, Netheos is able to handle your entire KYC remediation process.

Analysis of supporting documents ensures the quality and authenticity of your customer documents. Data extraction, comparison and potential rectification ensure the conformity of your information. They reduce errors and avoid invalid documents, which lead to risks of non-compliance.

Yes, we also deal with legal entities by checking their documents (KBIS, CNI).

Financial institutions are supervised by the ACPR (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution). In the event of shortcomings in KYC/LCBFT procedures, it can impose sanctions. Penalties range from a reprimand accompanied by a financial penalty (several million euros) in most cases, to a ban on exercising the profession in the most severe cases. KYC/LCBT accounts for almost half of the ACPR’s grievance themes. In addition to these penalties, the risk to the company’s image is also significant.

Our AI algorithms check the quality of the images received, ensure that the document type matches, and that the document is consistent with the customer’s data. A final analysis filter concerning authenticity is carried out with internal checks on the document, but also external checks using databases for double verification. This check takes less than 5 seconds.

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