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Netheos ID

AI analysis of all ID documents in 3 seconds

Check identity documents using reliable, fast and consistent artificial intelligence, 95% without human verification


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The benefits of Netheos ID

+350 international titles supported

ID cards, passports, French and international licenses.

4 layers of controls

Quality, type, consistency and authenticity analysis.

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Reliable, fast and consistent.

Better recognition and reading rates

Proprietary OCR and machine learning technologies.

Time savings

Analysis takes place automatically in a matter of seconds.

Cost reduction

Automation eliminates manual tasks and minimizes human resources.

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Offer your users an easy-to-use, real-time experience

The main challenge when it comes to verifying identity documents is obtaining a quality photo. In fact, several problems can occur during document capture: poor lighting, reflection, blurred writing or a truncated document.

The quality of the image received can therefore easily be altered, hindering proper analysis of the document.

That’s why we decided to adapt the user experience by interacting with the user in real time. We accompany him in his capture and are able to automatically identify any mistakes he may have made. Personalized messages are provided to help the user rectify the photo-taking process – always autonomously.

How the Netheos ID solution works

Our solution is accessible via all media (computers, mobiles, tablets). The entire process is carried out online, in 3 quick and easy steps:

  1. Capture identity document

    Users take photos of their documents with their smartphone, or download them if they have previously captured or scanned them.

  2. Document quality control

    The user checks that the quality of the document conforms to specifications (sharpness and completeness). He can start again if necessary.

  3. Sending the document for analysis

    Our AI will then check the document for 4 points: quality, type, authenticity and consistency. The user receives feedback in a maximum of 3 seconds.
    In the event of an error, the user is notified of the precise nature of the error, and offered advice on how to correct it and get back on track.

Netheos ID key figures

3 seconds

To analyze a piece of identification.

26 seconds

Average end-to-end user journey time.


Parts processed without human intervention.

Netheos ID's 4 layers of control

Verification of admissibility

Analysis of image quality (brightness, blur), verification of document type. Data extraction using optical character recognition.

Coherence analysis

Based on information supplied by the user, check data consistency with part data.

Data validation

Analysis of MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) compliance and comparison with document visual data.

Authenticity assessment

Overall control of design, optical security elements, font anomalies, photos, watermarks, tones and colors.

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Vertuloo Manager - Bessé Immobilier & Construction

“Netheos offers a low-code subscription path for the integrator that will enable us to accept today and tomorrow all the new technologies needed to achieve the finest user experience.”


CISO - CNP Assurances


Project Manager - Franfinance


In addition to checking quality, type and consistency with file data, our algorithms perform intrinsic authenticity checks on the document. For example, they check the position of the characters, the MRZ band, the typography and the spacing between characters.

We use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (machine learning in particular) to verify and analyze the ID document.

You can set a maximum number of attempts to avoid frustrating users who resubmit their part several times. After these attempts, the customer journey ends and you receive the part, which you can process manually.

If our algorithms think they’ve detected a fraud, they’ll raise a backoffice flag, with a precise indication of the details of the suspected error. The user doesn’t notice a thing.

Based on REST and JSON standards, our APIs are designed to be integrated as quickly as possible. You can choose to use our own backoffice interface or connect our returns to your software yourself.

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