AI and people in the fight against fraud

Netheos lets you digitalize customer onboarding, so you can refocus your efforts on the essentials.


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Netheos solutions

Instant remote identity verification

Verify the identity of your users with our ®Facematch solutions, featuring ID analysis coupled with facial recognition.

Automated verification of supporting documents

Analyze all types of documentary evidence (identity, income, domicile, banking) with AI to automate authenticity and compliance checks, and humans to reinforce verifications.

eIDAS-certified electronic signatures

Sign your documents and contracts with a simple, advanced or qualified 100% remote electronic signature, integrated into quick and easy eIDAS-compliant processes.

Netheos solutions to meet your needs

Meet your regulatory obligations

Our solutions meet your legal obligations in terms of customer knowledge (KYC/B/X) and the fight against money laundering (LCB-FT).

Maximize conversion rates

Your customer file completion and finalization rates are improved thanks to a fluid, seamless experience and automated reminders.

Optimize the customer experience

The customer is accompanied in real time throughout the onboarding process. AI can help in case of error, with personalized messages.

Refocus your efforts on the essentials

Automate low value-added tasks with Artificial Intelligence (repetitive, precise checks) and focus your teams’ efforts on the sales relationship.

Fight fraud effectively

Enhance your security with precise verification of supporting documents. Our ®Facematch solutions prevent identity theft attempts.

Benefit from high availability

Hosted in 2 secure centers in France, our solutions benefit from a high availability rate (99.985% by 2022), guaranteeing access around the clock.

A team of experts in the fight against document and identity fraud

Reinforce the automatic checks of Artificial Intelligence with a hybrid check performed by a team of experts in the fight against document and identity fraud.

A true Human Intelligence device, our experts deepen automatic checks, remove doubts and confirm suspected fraud.

Complementing technologies

In addition to our AI algorithms, we have decided to rely on the human element and its ability to detect even the most complex frauds, in order to guarantee you the highest level of security.

Proven expertise

Our experts have all undergone extensive training with anti-fraud professionals (customs officers, border police, national printing works). The team is regularly trained to keep their expertise up to date on new fraud techniques.

Netheos, a service you can trust

Made in France

100% of our teams and data are hosted in France.

13 million

Number of identity checks carried out on our platforms each year.


Our anti-fraud experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Service availability rate (2022).

They tell us how Netheos has helped them grow.

“Netheos has improved our transformation rate throughout the entire process. Above all, it has significantly shortened transformation times. And clearly, very significantly, improved return rates. “


Executive Vice-President - Floa Bank (Banque Casino)

“Netheos offers a low-code subscription path for the integrator that will enable us to accept today and tomorrow all the new technologies needed to achieve the finest user experience.”


CISO - CNP Assurances


Project Manager - Franfinance

“We have considerably reduced the processing time of our files from an average of 34 days to 2 days.”

Christian CARREGA

General Manager - Préfon

Stephan REIZER

DG Digital Transformation and Data Management - In'Li

“When we conducted our benchmark, Netheos was the only player to detect a false pay slip where the error resided in a non-existent date “06/31/2019.” Beyond this example, the performance level of their controls met our expectations.”


Vertuloo Manager - Bessé Immobilier & Construction

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Offered on a white-label basis, our solutions are scalable and can be easily integrated with your business applications and systems thanks to our fully documented APIs (WebApp, Iframe or API Rest). Our project team will support and train you in the use of our solutions.

Founded in 2004, Netheos is a long-standing player in the field of cryptography, and cybersecurity is a natural part of its DNA. Our solutions, infrastructures and teams are audited every year to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety. Netheos controls 100% of its technological chain, owning its solutions outright.

Yes, we have quarterly releases to ensure the stability and security of our platforms. We also deliver new products and innovations on a continuous basis. Our customer service team will notify you of any changes, and is always available to help you with any questions or problems you may encounter.

Namirial is a leader in digital transaction management. An international group present in 25 countries worldwide, represented by +800 employees, we acquired Netheos in 2021 in order to pool our offers and solutions and become a global player in digital transformation.

Netheos holds the following certifications:

  • PVID: Netheos is PVID certified by ANSSI. Remote Identity Verification Providers” can control identity fraud and comply with the standards of the 5th LCB-FT directive.
  • LSTI: Netheos has been certified by LSTI as a Certification Authority. As a trusted third party, it manages digital certificates to secure dematerialized exchanges and guarantee the identity of issuers.
  • AATL: Netheos is a member of the Adobe Approved Trust List program. Our electronic signatures are accredited to be automatically approved when the signed document is opened in the Adobe®, Acrobat® or Reader® suite.
  • eIDAS: The Namirial group is a Qualified Trust Service Provider. (QTSP 910/2014). The Group is accredited to deliver digital trust services (certificates and signatures) that meet the requirements of the eIDAS regulation. The 3 levels of electronic signature in the Netheos Sign solution use Namirial’s eIDAS certification.
  • ISO standards: 9001 | 27001 | 27017 | 27018

Netheos is also GDPR-compliant. Our solutions and services are regularly audited by external DPOs, the CNIL’s preferred intermediaries, in order to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality.