France Identité now available: how does it work?

The advent of digital technology continues to reshape our daily lives, and the management of our identity documents is no exception to this transformation. The government’s France Identité app, which appeared last September on iOS and Android platforms, represents a major revolution in this field. But what is this digital version of the ID card really for, and how can you benefit from it?

What is France Identité?

The France Identité app, developed by the French government since 2018, aims to simplify our interactions with administrative services and secure the verification of our identity. This free application allows you to store your ID card information on your smartphone, making various procedures much easier.

The digital version of your identity card is a valuable ally in many situations. You can use it to collect a parcel from a relay point, prove your identity during official checks, or access certain online administrative services with ease.

One of the most popular features is the ability to create identity documents with a validity period. These receipts are therefore time-stamped.

How do I install the application?

Go to the App Store or Play Store to download the application to your smartphone.

To obtain your digital identity card, you need to be the holder of one of the new editions of the identity card, fitted with an electronic chip. This chip enables your smartphone to use NFC technology to read information in contactless mode.

Once the application has been installed, simply follow the steps indicated to register your ID card information. You’ll need to enter the six digits at the bottom right of your card and position your smartphone over the NFC chip to read it.

What uses?

The identity card can now be used electronically, and the application allows us to secure its use. It’s now possible to prove your identity without carrying your identity card with you.

The government also aims to dematerialize the driving license by 2024. It will have exactly the same uses and the same value as a physical driving license, which will of course remain in force, particularly in the event of a roadside check. The points balance can also be consulted.

This platform will eventually enable the French to prove their identity in specific cases, with the possibility of adding a number of personal biometric identity documents. This application will effectively combat the risk of identity theft, by limiting the need to handle physical documents. It will also provide access to various public service sites and to FranceConnect.

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