Fighting fraud

Anti-Fraud Experts

AI coupled with human expertise to combat fraud

A team of specialists trained to combat document and identity fraud. It acts as a safety net, complementing our AIs.


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Netheos solutions to meet your needs

100% French team

The teams are based in Montpellier and the data remains hosted in France.

Rapid deployment

Set-up times are greatly reduced, with the team up and running in just a few days.

Maximum flexibility

The analysis criteria used by our experts are tailored to the customer’s needs.

Rapid response

Our experts are available 24/7 and we guarantee a result in no more than 5 minutes.

Proven expertise

A team of fraud experts (customs officers, border police, national printing works).

Extensive document catalog

Ability to analyze a wide selection of documents (identity, supporting documents, certificates).

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Our hybrid verification service

For many years, Netheos has relied on Artificial Intelligence and automation to speed up verification processes. The post-health-crisis context, where online procedures – and fraud at the same time – have inevitably intensified, has highlighted the limits of this automation.

Identifying a person online is too sensitive a matter to be left to machines alone!

With this in mind, Netheos has set up a team of humans in 2021 to check documents manually, with the support of Artificial Intelligence controls. The symbiosis of Human & Artificial Intelligence has now come into operation: human controls are used to train the algorithms. At the same time, humans are able to work around the limitations of AI, when it doesn’t know how to respond or isn’t yet trained to do so.

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Document verification

Verify international documents. Our experts verify the authenticity of identity documents from all over the world. More than 350 checklists are used and updated regularly, and our aim is to continually extend our coverage. We keep pace with the evolution of identity documents, while taking into account older formats.

The service is not limited to checking identity documents: our experts also check all other types of supporting documents.

Biometric verification

Ensure that the user is the rightful owner of the identity document through biometric analysis. The team checks that the ID photo and the user’s face match.

Back Office expertise

Efficiently handle customer files requiring special attention. Reopenings, video coding, reminders: the team can help you handle customer files that require manual intervention.

Personalized support

Get precise statistics and dashboards for your flows. We support you in integration, testing and qualification. Data training can also be provided to suit your needs.

Netheos Fraud Experts in detail

  • Fraud Expertise
  • Back Office Management
  • Support
Fraud ExpertiseBack Office ManagementSupport
Checking the authenticity of supporting documents
Analysis and detection of document fraud
Verification ®Facematch (facial recognition and life detection)
On-demand fraud expertise and removal of doubt
Verification of specific international documents
Email reminders (reopen, accept, reject)
Verification of file completeness and consistency
Removal of doubt from the file
Re-encoding (VIZ/MRZ)
Statistical data and dashboards
ThinkTank & fraud training
Integration, testing, qualification
Data learning for machine learning (CVAT)
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Netheos Fraud Experts in 4 steps

Our qualified electronic signature solution is accessible via all media (computers, mobiles, tablets). The process is done entirely online and is carried out in 4 quick and easy steps:

  1. The user completes his route

    Supported by Artificial Intelligence and an optimized UX, he submits his documents and then takes a selfie.

  2. First AI check

    Artificial Intelligence performs an initial filter of checks (quality, legibility, authenticity) before transmitting the data to our human expert based in France for in-depth analysis.

  1. Data analysis by the human expert

    In addition to the AI results, anti-fraud experts analyze the data image by image, according to a precise control grid, specific to each type of document, and regularly updated.

  2. Final results by our anti-fraud experts

    The expert delivers a final verdict: he accepts the document or rejects it if fraud is proven.

Optimum safety

Literature review

We process all international identity documents (Latin characters), i.e. +350 titles.
We are able to check other specific documents once we have drawn up a checklist.

Network of experts

We rely on a network of experts, official standards (PRADO, REGULA) and our customers’ fraud units to train our experts.

Training and continuous improvement

Fraud is an eternal battle, and techniques are constantly diversifying. That’s why we regularly update our experts in line with the latest developments.

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Executive Vice-President - Floa Bank (Banque Casino)

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CISO - CNP Assurances


Project Manager - Franfinance


To ensure that it has the necessary skills, Netheos Services has designed a training and support program with fraud experts, to create a team of analysts capable of tracking down increasingly sophisticated identity theft schemes. Ongoing training sessions are organized at least every 6 months with partner trainers to keep abreast of new fraud techniques and ensure continuous quality of service.

While many digital activities are often relocated abroad for cost-cutting reasons, sometimes to the detriment of data protection and quality of service, Netheos is bucking this trend by developing its team in France. This team is based in Montpellier, on our own premises.

Although our team specializes in identity and supporting documents, we can analyze any type of document. From the moment we determine the control points to be performed, we build up a control grid and are able to carry out the analysis. So there’s no limit!

The team can also support you in your back office management by handling the entire chain of your customer files: reopenings, video coding, reminders…
We can also help you to prevent and manage the risk of fraud, by providing you with precise data or organizing workshops with your teams. Finally, for automation purposes, it is capable of enhancing AI by training it to recognize and analyze specific data in a document according to your needs.

The team is operational 24/7, with a response time of less than 5 minutes. These conditions and processing times may vary according to your needs. They are defined with each customer.

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