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AI for Finance: Netheos at the heart of the AI for Finance event

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing many sectors, and the financial industry is no exception. On September 14, Netheos will be at the must-attend “AI for Finance” event organized by Artefact, bringing together the major players in finance and AI at the Palais Brongniart in Paris. A unique opportunity to discover how AI can transform the way financial institutions manage their remote relationships, compliance and anti-fraud.

AI at the service of remote relationship building

Recent years have seen a spectacular acceleration in the digital transformation of the financial sector. Customers are increasingly inclined to do their banking and take out insurance online. However, it is essential to maintain effective communication with customers, even at a distance. That’s where Netheos comes in, with its innovative AI solutions that make entering into long-distance relationships smoother than ever.

Netheos teams will be on hand at the AI for Finance event to showcase their cutting-edge AI solutions that enable financial institutions to deliver an exceptional customer experience, even when interactions take place exclusively online. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, Netheos simplifies processes while improving customer satisfaction.

Regulations in this sector are also increasingly stringent, and institutions must ensure that they comply with the latest regulations. Netheos understands the importance of compliance, which is why our solutions enable you to comply with the French Monetary and Financial Code.

Fighting fraud with AI

Financial fraud is a constant challenge for financial institutions. Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making the fight against fraud more difficult than ever. Netheos is at the forefront of this battle, using both AI and humans to detect suspicious activity and prevent fraud.

On this subject, Netheos will be holding a conference at the AI for Finance event, entitled “ How the Netheos AI and anti-fraud expert combination offers the best remote relationship entry “, which promises to shed light on this crucial issue.

AI is profoundly transforming the financial landscape, and Netheos is part of this revolution. By attending the AI for Finance event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Netheos experts and discover how their AI solutions can help your organization improve remote relationship entry, remote onboarding, its compliance and its fight against fraud. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the future of finance, powered by AI.

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