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AR24 and Netheos innovate with a secure remote signature identified by registered mail

Montpellier, November 30, 2020. Netheos, a fintech specializing in remote subscription, and AR24, a pioneer in electronic registered letters, have joined forces to offer a secure, certified online signature (European eIDAS regulation).

In a health context that is accelerating the dematerialization of exchanges, the remote electronic signature is no longer a simple instrument for simplifying administrative life, but an absolute necessity. To open a bank account or take out life insurance, to sign a provisional sales agreement or a lease, and many other legally supervised uses that make up our daily lives.

Since 2019, Netheos and AR24, two French trusted third parties, have been working together to develop an easy-to-use and legally reliable solution. The 1st electronic signature whose identification is based on a Qualified Electronic Registered Letter meets these two requirements and enables :

  • Easy remote signing of sensitive transactions requiring a high level of security and certification;
  • Meet regulatory requirements, in particular those of financial organizations and the 5th LCB-FT Directive [1].

Thanks to its eIDAS certification, the signature identified by Qualified Electronic Registered Sending specifically meets the needs of regulated organizations, and more particularly the KYC (Know Your Customer) needs of banks and insurance companies when the relationship or subscription is made remotely (Article R561-5-2; 6th additional vigilance measure).


Olivier Detour

“We wanted to offer an eIDAS-certified electronic signature that could be easily used remotely; the few existing solutions were really complicated to use. We thought about electronic registered mail, and only AR24 offered a version that was both 100% online and qualified. So it was natural for us to collaborate with Guillaume and Clément, who also share the same vision of industrial innovation as Netheos.”

Olivier Détour – CEO of Netheos


Signing remotely, with this level of security and legal recognition, has never been easier. There’s no need to make an appointment or wait in front of your screen to set up a videoconference with an operator. The identification process is very similar to the signature and payment processes already in use. The only difference is that the OTP2 code is no longer sent by SMS, but by registered mail.



To obtain your one-time code, simply pick up your registered mail via a link sent to you by e-mail. The process is fast and secure: all you have to do is present your identity document, take a video selfie to prove that you are the owner, and that’s it!


“This is a 1st in Europe. Just as the AR24 electronic registered mail already enabled users to create their own substantial-level digital identity online [3] , it now offers the possibility of signing electronically at certified levels. This innovation is the fruit of two years’ collaboration between two companies who share the same values of quality and customer service.”

Guillaume de Malzac, Managing Director and co-founder of AR24.


[1 ] Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Directive (EU) n°2018/843 of May 30, 2018).
[2] One Time Password.
The substantial level of a digital identity is a guarantee level defined by the European eIDAS regulation. According to the regulation, the aim of this level is to “substantially reduce the risk of misuse or alteration of identity”. In France, the ANSSI is responsible for evaluating digital identities in accordance with the various levels of guarantee defined by eIDAS.


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