Netheos use cases

Tenant file check

The challenge

Rental management is often a complex business, involving a multitude of tasks and responsibilities for lessors and property managers. Collecting and analyzing numerous documents such as identity papers, proof of income and solvency can be complicated and time-consuming for tenants and property managers alike.

Tenant file digitization solutions provide an effective response by simplifying document collection and management, and automating verification processes. Rental management becomes smoother, more transparent and more secure.

The benefits

Conformity check

Check the quality and consistency of your information.

Authenticity check

Make sure your documents are genuine.

Quickly complete and compliant files

Receive directly usable files.

Reduced rental vacancy

Reduce vacancy rates by speeding up processing.

Fraud risk eliminated

Avoid document fraud linked to income thanks to in-depth verification of supporting documents.

Operational time savings

Optimize your teams’ operational performance by avoiding low value-added tasks.

The results

In this use case, Netheos solutions helped improve a number of indicators:

  • Managers gain operational time to devote to higher-value tasks.
  • Prospective tenants are free to put together their own applications.
  • Drastically reduce the risk of document fraud thanks to AI’s variation-free analysis accuracy.

files are complete, compliant and reliable.

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