Netheos use cases

PVID certified identity verification

The challenge

Financial and banking institutions must comply with the 5th LCB-FT directive when entering into distance relationships.

PVID (Prestataire de Vérification d’Identité à Distance) certification, issued by ANSSI, certifies that the solution meets the precise requirements set out in a set of standards. Its aim is to harmonize security standards across the market, in order to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud.

The PVID-certified identity verification solution is proof of its robustness. Regularly audited, it is one of the solutions that comply with the French Monetary and Financial Code.

The benefits

Real-time support using Artificial Intelligence

Simplify your routes with real-time user feedback.

Hybrid AI + human control

Controls are carried out by anti-fraud experts, backed up by Artificial Intelligence controls.

Regulatory compliance

Comply with the 5th LCB-FT Directive with a PVID-certified solution.

Maximum safety

The verification process is audited by ANSSI and governed by a reference framework.

Face-to-face verification

Remote verification will be certified as equivalent to face-to-face verification.

Differentiating user experience.

The user challenge required to detect living organisms has been patented, to protect its ease of use.

The results

In this use case, Netheos solutions helped improve a number of indicators:

  • Eliminate the risk of identity fraud.
  • A KYC process that is 100% compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • A response time of less than 2 minutes thanks to operators available 24/7.

Maximum response times for anti-fraud operators

2 min
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