Netheos use cases

Electronic lease signature

The challenge

A compulsory step before renting out a property: signing the rental contract can now be done electronically. It speeds up the process, allowing it to be carried out at any time and from a distance, without compromising its legal value or security.

The benefits

Accessible remotely

Sign your leases from anywhere, at any time.

Secure process

Signatures are issued according to a strict security protocol governed by the eIDAS regulation.

Legal compliance

Benefit from the same legal value as a handwritten signature.

Reduced rental vacancy

Reduce vacancy rates by speeding up the signing of leases.

Lower costs

Eliminate your paper management costs with dematerialization.

Increased safety

Guarantee document integrity and authenticity.

The results

In this use case, Netheos solutions helped improve a number of indicators:

  • Your customer relations are improved.
  • Prospective tenants are free to sign their own lease.
  • Rental management is optimized.

Reduced rental vacancies in your housing stock

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