Netheos use cases

Qualified electronic signature

The challenge

Setting up reliable, legally-compliant pathways while benefiting from good conversion rates can prove a complicated challenge for financial institutions. How can we avoid shifting the burden of restrictive standards – to which they are subject – onto the user experience to guarantee compliance?

This balance between experience and compliance can have an impact on both conversions and compliance. Qualified electronic signatures are the answer to this problem, offering a legally compliant framework and the simplest, fastest customer experience.

More generally, the qualified signature is aimed at other sectors that want to offer a signature with the highest level of security. Unlike other types of signature, the qualified level is the only level that has the same value as a handwritten signature.

The benefits

Fluid, fast and intuitive customer experience

Simplify your routes in 3 easy steps, which can be carried out remotely.

Maximum conversion rate

Guarantee high completion rates and optimize your conversions.

Completely eliminates the risk of fraud

Eliminate fraud with facial recognition.

Total regulatory compliance

Ensure your compliance with the 5th LCB-FT Directive.

Best possible legal protection

The only level recognized as having the same legal value as a handwritten signature.

Alternative to PVID-certified courses

Because of the security requirements imposed by the ANSSI, PVID imposes rigidity on the customer experience.

The results

In this use case, Netheos solutions helped improve a number of indicators:

  • Increased conversion rate.
  • Perfect regulatory compliance.
  • Drastically reduce the risk of identity fraud thanks to ®Facematch video with proof of life.

Average customer journey time

2 min
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