Netheos use cases

Electronic signature of an online document

The challenge

Simplify your signature processes by offering remote electronic signatures to your customers. Improve customer experience and satisfaction by offering them a seamless experience, available anywhere, anytime. Remote electronic signature guarantees enhanced security thanks to robust authentication protocols, making transactions less vulnerable to fraud. This process is ideal for commercial contracts, legal agreements, underwriting deeds, and many other uses where efficiency, security and traceability are paramount.

The benefits

Smooth remote experience

Get your documents signed in just a few clicks, on any terminal.

Document dematerialization

Eliminate paper and simplify your document management.

High availability

Free yourself from time constraints by signing at any time.

Simplified management

Create customized workflows, track their progress and store them easily.

Lower costs

Reduce your printing, paper management and mailing costs.

Increased safety

Guarantee document integrity and authenticity.

The results

In this use case, Netheos solutions helped improve a number of indicators:

  • Your customer relations are improved.
  • Increased conversion.
  • Full compliance with eIDAS and GDPR requirements.
  • 100% service availability!
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service downtime by 2022, i.e. 100% availability!

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