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Franfinance – a 100% digital and secure application process

In 2015, Franfinance was one of the first banks to implement a fully digitalized application process. Discover their experience in video.

Digital, a major challenge for Franfinance

Franfinance, a financing company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Société Générale, specializes in the marketing of consumer loans. It proposes on its website credit offers 100% online. The company has placed digital at the heart of its customer strategy. In 2011, it launched the electronic signature and 4 years later it offers its first “full digital” subscription process based on the Trust and Sign solution from Netheos. The solution, which combines electronic signature and KYC, automatically checks supporting documents using Artificial Intelligence. The process helps to streamline the customer experience, control fraud while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Netheos, an important part of the digital subscription process

Quickly deployable, the Netheos solution allows easy automation and integration into the subscription process, by acquisition channel, by customer type and by product type.

Thanks to our partnership with Netheos, customers can take out a loan entirely online. We are continuing to deploy the solution on our various routes for functions that are increasingly in demand, such as anti-fraud.

Coralie Delahousse
Project Manager - Franfinance

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