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With Vertuloo, Bessé creates the first French digital platform for rental management professionals.

The men and women of Bessé are experts in insurance consulting and brokerage for businesses. On a daily basis, 460 employees rely on their capacity for innovation and their specialization to support their clients, both small and large companies, in protecting their activities and their employees.

For 60 years, with the same values and the same independence, Bessé has established itself over time as one of the French leaders in its market.

Regularly distinguished for the quality of their services and their presence in the field, Bessé’s teams build a lasting relationship of trust with their clients.

Vertuloo: a platform that meets the needs of rental management

True to these values of listening, in 2018, Bessé Immobilier & Construction insurance brokerage consultancy specialized in the risks of real estate professionals for more than 25 years , conducted a survey among its property administrator clients which revealed 3 major needs:

  • The need to open up tenant selection criteria for unpaid rent insurance policies.
  • A need for secure control of supporting documents. In an anxiety-inducing context of false applications and a greater risk of non-payment, the underlying desire was to better secure the landlord.
  • A need to speed up the analysis of rental files. The objective declared by the property managers was to provide a quicker response to prospective tenants and to validate the rental as soon as possible.

Vertuloo was born from the analysis of these needs.

Vertuloo is France's first rental file selection platform dedicated exclusively to property managers.

In real time, VERTULOO offers:

  • an automated control of the authenticity and conformity of the documents in the tenant file. VERTULOO uses artificial intelligence to enable real-time verification of documents.
  • a more pragmatic and secure analysis of the solvency of prospective tenants. VERTULOO’s analysis model/algorithm goes beyond the simple logic of current credit analysis. It takes into account the components of the candidate’s personal and professional environment in order to accurately determine the maximum rent that a candidate can claim and that preserves his or her living expenses.
  • Insurance certification that guarantees 100% of accepted files against the risk of unpaid rent, when the insurance guarantee for unpaid rent has been taken out.

The advantages for property managers are many: risk analysis is more accurate and therefore more reliable, more files can now be accepted (+10% including fixed-term contracts, TNS, temporary workers traditionally excluded from insurance offers) and rental management teams gain in productivity with analysis time divided by two.

When we carried out our benchmark, Netheos was the only player to detect a false payslip where the error lay in a non-existent date "le 31/06/2019". Beyond this example, the performance level of their controls met our expectations.

Back Office Manager - Vertuloo by Bessé

Bessé did not have sufficient in-house expertise or resources to verify candidate files and supporting documents. They naturally decided to go to the market to find an external partner, who had to meet two requirements:

  • be a benchmark for verifying the accuracy of supporting documents.
  • be quick and easy to integrate.

Quick and easy integration

The integration of the Netheos solution was quick as we only needed 5 days of support.

By bringing on board Netheos ‘ expertise in checking the veracity of documents and adding the additional controls that Bessé itself has developed on the platform, this partnership is part of a process of co-construction of a coherent set of control systems.

When you ask for an external partner in this type of project, it is never easy. Fortunately, by integrating Netheos, it was a perfect match with the technical teams. The schedule and budget were fully respected.

Back Office Manager - Vertuloo by Bessé

This is a partnership that lives on, as every quarter the latest innovations from Netheos are deployed in Vertuloo, allowing the platform’s users to have the most up-to-date and secure view of rental risk possible.

Today, Netheos and Bessé work together on responses to calls for tender and joint sales actions.

A successful launch

After more than a year of partnership, the launch of the Vertuloo platform is a real success: 30,000 lessors are now benefiting from this new service.

Nearly 10,000 applications have already been registered and the pace is increasing with more than 1,000 applications submitted each month.

Vertuloo, which has been awarded the Finance Innovation label, is also a solution that has been certified by the major insurers for unpaid rent.

This is a determining factor when you know that currently, in the classic insurance contracts against unpaid rent, you can be refused compensation if your prospective tenant does not respect the rules of guarantee requested by the insurer.

With Vertuloo, this is not the case. All files approved by the platform are guaranteed to be covered and compensated.

What's next ?

In the next few months, the first interfaces between Vertuloo and property management software will be operational. This next step will allow us to offer users optimal comfort.

Thanks to its 100% APIs design, Vertuloo's functionalities can be quickly and easily integrated into the tools used by real estate market publishers.

Back Office Manager - Vertuloo by Bessé

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