Netheos use cases

Automated receipt control

The challenge

Checking supporting documents is a long, tedious and sometimes complex process. By automating this task, you can speed up processing times and make the process more secure. AI-based technologies enable checks to be carried out automatically, stably and reliably. They are based on precise control points, analyzing any attempts to alter the document, and refer to external databases to verify the accuracy of the information provided.
Last but not least, automated control enables errors to be identified directly (incorrect submissions, out-of-date documents, degraded quality, etc.) and the user to be told how to rectify them. The relationship becomes real-time, and the success rate is optimized.

The benefits

Extensive catalog of supported documents

Domicile, tax, identity, bank, certificates: a wide range of documents to analyze.

Conformity check

Check the quality and consistency of your information.

Authenticity check

Make sure the documents are genuine.

Data extraction

Pre-fill forms or improve your information systems.

Security and confidentiality

Reduce fraud and secure your routes with high security standards.

Compliance with European standards

Audited by LSTI and recognized in accordance with European standards, our solutions comply with your regulatory obligations.

The results

In this use case, Netheos solutions helped improve a number of indicators:

  • Elimination of document fraud.
  • A self-care process with real-time feedback to the user.
  • Fast document analysis with no variation in results.

The average duration of the literature review is

6 sec
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