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The Spring 17′ version of Trust and Sign is now available!

Trust and Sign becomes the most robust electronic signature solution on the market!

A robust electronic signature solution…

In 2016, Trust and Sign had 20 minutes of downtime. To ensure that your B2C business never stands still, we wanted to go one step further in 2017 by implementing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and a Business Resumption Plan (BRP).

Now hosted in France on two “active-active” sites and synchronized on a third site, Trust and Sign is the most available B2C digital subscription solution on the market.

…and innovative!

Trust and Sign’s Spring 17′ version is a true DTM (Digital Transaction Management), enabling you to manage your B2C subscription flow, automate the identification of your signatories (KYC) and generate a replayable and auditable proof file.

Its new APIs enable you to attach and analyze any type of supporting document to your customer files in real time. This strengthens their completeness and compliance.

In addition to customizing customer consents and signature procedures, you can now also apply associated organizational signatures to each contract in your document bundle.

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