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Our ambitions for 2023

For Netheos, the year 2022 has been marked by numerous product evolutions, audits, and a quality of service that is always there. In 2023, our ambitions remain strong. Find out what’s coming up for Netheos this year without further ado.


Remote Identity Verification ProviderPVIDIVP) Certification

We have been working for almost 2 years on a new remote identity verification solution that meets the standards required by theANSSI. The solution is now complete, and will be certified by theANSSI in the coming months. We have successfully passed all required audits (biometrics, security, compliance, document fraud). For the moment, no actor has been certified yet, but we expect a certification decision in the first half of the year.

This certification is part of a desire to stop identity fraud on the Internet (and in particular usurpations) by strengthening the controls carried out and by harmonizing the verification criteria.

More information on PVID


Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

We will deploy our qualified electronic signature solution: easy to use remotely and legally reliable. This signature corresponds to the highest level of security, as defined by the eIDAS regulation. It will allow :

  • Easily sign sensitive operations remotely requiring a high level of security,
  • Meet the regulatory requirements of the ACPR (5th LCB-FT directive),
  • Perform a recognized remote identification equivalent to a face-to-face.


A true alternative to PVID, this new solution will meet the needs of regulated organizations and more specifically the KYC needs of banks and insurance companies, which are required to implement vigilance measures.

It will provide fully digitized courses, opening up the field of possibilities for new remote uses.

On the user side, the process is meant to be quick and easy: it will require a Facematch control (choose from our 3 different among our 3 solutions with different user experiences), and the sending of an SMS code, nothing more!

Learn more about the electronic signature


Netheos Services

Our team of fraud experts will continue to grow and plans to double its size by the end of the year. Netheos Services relies on people and their ability to detect increasingly complex frauds. The team, based entirely in France, is in charge of removing the doubts raised by the Artificial Intelligence, but also of carrying out additional checks by viewing the photos or videos of the Facematch.

Specialized in identity and document fraud, this growth responds to a need to increase our flows, notably with the launch of a PVID solution that will require the systematic approval of a human. It also responds to customer requests for the control of specific documents that our algorithms are not yet able to analyze automatically.

A real collaborative work with our customers is set up. With the objective of continuous improvement, we hold regular exchanges, where we communicate our feedback on new types of fraud detected, or fraud networks detected.

The service will offer increasingly extended time slots and ever shorter response times, to get as close as possible to instantaneous!

Learn more about Netheos Services


POTENTIAL Consortium

The POTENTIAL consortium has been selected by the European Commission for its “european digital identity wallet” project. It is composed of 148 members from the 19 states of the European Union, as well as Ukraine.

Supported by theANTS, the project aims to develop and manage the development of applications according to 6 use cases. Netheos and the Namirial group are proud to be part of this project which will start in May 2023 and should continue until 2025.

More info on the POTENTIAL Consortium to come!


In summary, the year 2023 remains full of promise and ambition for Netheos. Our entire team is focused on its 2 main objectives:

  • Develop innovative solutions that provide a high level of confidence, even remotely
  • Accelerate and optimize the process of entering into a relationship


Do you have similar ambitions? Projects in correlation with ours? Let’s meet! Come and visit us in our offices, or book an appointment with one of our solution experts! Do not hesitate to contact us!

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