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Long sidelined and cited as one of the laggards in digital transformation, the real estate sector is now also undergoing a major transformation, and is rising to the challenge of innovation.

Real estate is at the heart of our economy, and represents the largest single item of household expenditure. So it’s crucial for the company to adapt to new household habits, where immediacy is de rigueur. That’s why, over the past four years, the real estate industry has seen a wave of start-ups come on stream to meet the needs of this particularly dynamic ecosystem.

To date, 95% of established companies in the real estate sector say they work with these new players (source:
KPMG barometer

New developments in property administration.

real estate activities
account for 13% of the national economy’s added value, and top the rankings for all sectors combined. So it’s hard to overlook the need for digital transformation in this area.

joins the dance by using Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
to help property managers automate and digitize their rental files, while reconciling regulatory control and user experience.

Netheos’ SaaS solution, Trust & Sign, frees real estate professionals from the time-consuming task of collecting and checking the supporting documents needed to compile a rental file, so that they can focus on high value-added activities (such as sales). Electronic signatures considerably simplify and speed up the signing of leases between tenant, guarantor, agent and landlord.

As a trusted service provider that has received numerous labels and certifications, Netheos is also recognized as compliant with the standards governing the new European regulation on digital identity and electronic signatures (

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