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Netheos is in the process of obtaining PVID certification from theANSSI!

đŸ€– Seven years ago, we were the first in France to analyze IDs using machine learning (AI).

⏩ For the past 3 years, we’ve been working to improve the UX of our Facematch solutions by incorporating feedback from our banking customers, among other things.

đŸ•”â™€ïž Last year, we created Netheos Services in Montpellier where a talented team of remote identity verification specialists joined us.

It was therefore time for us to enter the PVID (Remote Identity Verification Provider) certification process of theANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security).

This is great news that we are happy to share with you. This certification is part of a common objective of the sector: to ensure trust in the digital economy, even when the relationship is entered into at a distance!

It is also a great opportunity to democratize the remote electronic signature at the qualified level in accordance with the original vision of the eIDAS regulation. Signature that we will offer you as standard before the end of this year!


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