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Namirial, owned by Ambienta, completes the acquisition of Netheos

Milan/London/Paris/Munich, November 4, 2021

  • Namirial S.p.A, an Ambienta portfolio company, acquires Netheos, the French leader in digital transactions, specializing in remote identification and digital contracting solutions.
  • Netheos will strengthen Namirial ‘s product portfolio with its solutions for the digitalization of the customer relationship and remote subscription process. This acquisition consolidates Namirial ‘s strategic positioning on the European markets

Ambienta SGR SpA (“Ambienta”), one of Europe’s leading investors fully focused on environmental sustainability, announces the acquisition by Namirial S.p.A. (“Namirial”), a leading provider of digital trust software and services, of Netheos SAS (“Netheos”), a French provider of remote identity verification and digital contracting solutions.

NetheosNetheos, founded in 2004 and based in Montpellier, is one of the leading French providers of remote identity verification and digitalization solutions for the customer relationship. The company offers online contracting solutions, providing an integrated platform for identity verification, customer credential control and automated contract management. Netheos ‘ unique offering ensures both a seamless experience that maximizes customer conversion rates and a reliable, proven process that minimizes the risk of fraud and meets the most stringent compliance requirements. Netheos ‘ clients are mainly players in regulated sectors such as financial services, fintechs, insurance and real estate.

Namirialthrough this acquisition, completes its offer by adding contractualization and customer knowledgeKYC) solutions to its digital trust services. The combination of Netheos and Namirial ‘s technologies will enable companies to better address their global digital acceleration imperative, providing an optimal customer experience that balances simplicity, security and compliance.

This acquisition has many benefits: Netheos ‘ customers and partners will have access to Namirial’s digital transaction management capabilities, including trust services for identification, authentication and certificate issuance ad hoc for the creation of electronic signatures, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation (EU Regulation No. 910/2014). Namirial ‘s customers and partners will benefit from enhanced identification and contractualization capabilities, complementing existing digital transaction management systems. In addition, customers and partners of both companies will benefit from an extended geographical coverage. Finally, Namirial will considerably strengthen its presence in France and in French-speaking countries.

Ambienta acquired a majority stake in Namirial in May 2020; in the space of a few months, considerable progress has been made on major strategic fronts, including the formation of a new management team around co-founder Enrico Giacomelli, the implementation of a comprehensive set of management processes and systems, the promotion of an ESG culture within the group through the Ambienta ESG in Action® program, and the acceleration of growth. Thanks to these various measures, Namirial has experienced strong growth in 2020 and 2021, while maintaining profitability and cash flow generation among the best in the sector.

Netheos, like Namirial, has a positive environmental impact: its software and services allow online identification and contracting, limiting the printing of voluminous documents or the travel required to sign contracts. In addition, this acquisition underlinesAmbienta ‘s successful establishment in France, following the opening of its Paris office in 2020.

Massimiliano Pellegrini

“The addition of Netheos to Namirial fits perfectly with our digital trust services platform and solutions strategy. Our customers in the regulated industries, and financial services in particular, have expressed their desire to see our solutions include more identification and fraud prevention capabilities. In addition, this acquisition provides us with a major differentiating advantage over other digital trust platform providers.”

Massimiliano Pellegrini, General Manager of Namirial


Olivier Detour

“We are delighted with Namirial ‘s investment in Netheos. We are in line with Namirial’s corporate strategy, which focuses on shareholder value and long-term sustainable growth. The combination of the product portfolios creates an excellent fit to address market needs, such as our joint commitment to white label solutions. This acquisition is great news for Netheos customers: while we will have continuity of management, sales and technical contacts, our customers and partners will have unmatched capabilities combining the industry-leading technologies of both companies.”

Olivier Détour, Founder and President of Netheos


Giancarlo Beraudo

“We are particularly proud of the acquisition of Netheos which is the first step of our external growth strategy to further internationalize Namirial, and promote our unique positioning as a world leader in digital trust services with a truly pan-European DNA. Netheos is a perfect complement to Namirial, and the multiple synergies of this acquisition for us and our customers will contribute to to further accelerate our growth trajectory”.

Giancarlo Beraudo, Partner at Ambienta

For more information, see the FAQ on the acquisition of Netheos by Namirial


À About Ambienta

Ambienta is a European investor in environmental sustainability, active in the private and stock markets. With offices in Milan, London, Paris and Munich, Ambienta manages a portfolio of assets in excess of €1.5 billion. Ambienta invests in private and publicly-traded companies driven by major environmental trends, whose products or services enable a more efficient use of resources or a reduction in pollution. Ambienta has made 43 private equity investments to date. In the equity markets, Ambienta has created the world’s first absolute return fund focused entirely on environmental sustainability.

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About Namirial
Namirial supports its customers in their digital transformation by providing digital transaction management solutions. The trust services provided by Namirial cover solutions for customer contracting, approval automation, electronic signature flow orchestration, identification, multi-factor authentication, electronic signature, electronic delivery recording, long-term archiving and electronic invoicing. Namirial has been certified as an eIDAS qualified trust service provider in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014, and supports the digitization of private and public administrations. With its international network of more than 120 partners, Namirial serves more than one million customers worldwide. Founded in 2000 in Senigallia, Italy, Namirial is now deployed through 20 offices in 5 countries, employing nearly 500 people, and processing several million transactions every day.

To learn more, visit, follow Namirial on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, contact Namirial to schedule a demo or request a free trial of the Namirial eSignature eSignAnyWhere solution.

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À About Netheos
Netheos is the French specialist in remote subscription. Its SaaS solution « Trust and Sign “optimizes and secures the highly regulated customer paths offered by banks and insurance companies in digital selfcare. Combined with an extensive catalog of identity verification solutions, its certified electronic signature compliant with the European eIDAS regulation guarantees an extremely high level of security. « Trust and Sign » uses artificial intelligence for live detection, automating identity and credential verification for new customers. Netheos increases business and ensures compliance, while fighting fraud.

To learn more, visit, follow Netheos on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, or schedule a demo.

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