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Imanaging Document and Netheos: a partnership in the service of social housing

The social housing market is still largely dominated by paper, slowing down the entire value chain from file management to lease signing. On average, it will take 70 days from start to finish for a rental project.

To compile a rental file, you’ll need to provide a number of supporting documents, which will be checked and approved by the property manager. The latter will have to redouble his efforts in this task to spot possible income fraud, which is often difficult to detect with the naked eye. Finally, once the application has been approved, the tenant must go to the agency to sign the lease. The process is just as long, tedious and complex for the manager as it is for the tenant(s).

Netheos and Imanaging Document support social landlords in digitizing and securing their rental processes.

Historically a trusted service provider in the hyper-regulated banking and insurance sectors, Netheos has been supporting the social housing market for 3 years now in their process of automating and securing the checking of supporting documents required to compile a tenant file (identity, income). Electronic signatures will speed up the signing of leases. Netheos’ references include
CDC Habitat
and the In’li group.

Since 2010, Imanaging Document has been supporting more than 50 social landlords in their tenant relations, using the full range of information technologies. The company offers agile digital solutions for the aggregation and multi-channel management of business flows.

Imanaging Document Anne Renaud

The integration of Netheos’ solutions will enable us to create an additional skill in our technological value chain, particularly in the automation of ID and income control.

Anne Renaud – Founder, Imanaging Document.


The announcement of this partnership strengthens Netheos’ position in this sector, offering excellent prospects for the future.

Olivier Détour Netheos

The social housing market is a complex one, requiring social landlords to be supported in transforming and securing their business. This partnership will enable social landlords to digitalize their processes via Imanaging Document.

Olivier Détour – Founder and CEO of Netheos.

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