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PVID certification explained: why and how to choose a certified service provider?

To cope with the steady increase in online subscriptions and the growing number of identity frauds (usurpations, forgeries), France is the first European country to regulate secure identity verification. This initiative is part of the drive to strengthen the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism (LCB-FT), and to increase the reliability of customer data (KYC – Know Your Customer).

ANSSI has drawn up the PVID “P” certification standard.restataire de Vérification d’Identité à Distance”, to secure identities managed by online service providers, especially the most exposed – banks, insurance companies, fintech and trust services – which today account for more than half of all remote identity checks.

PVID-certified solutions guarantee online service providers the security of 100% remote identity verification solutions, ensuring the same value as face-to-face verification. They ensure regulatory compliance with the French Monetary and Financial Code (CMF).

Come and find out more about PVID certification, its requirements and constraints, as well as its solutions and practical application through a customer tour. Find out how Netheos’ certified solution stands out from the crowd.

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