Netheos Infographics

5 levels of control to stop identity fraud on the Internet

Identity fraud is on the rise, partly due to the increase in remote and dematerialized procedures: fraudsters are industrializing their fraud techniques, controls are more complicated than face-to-face, and the feeling of impunity is more present.

Discover in infographic how Netheos solutions allow to detect these frauds and stop them thanks to artificial intelligence technologies and services that verify in 5 steps identities on the Internet.

Did you know that?

According to the Ministry of the Interior, 45,000 complaints per year are filed for identity theft. A survey by Credoc puts the number of identity frauds at 210,000 a year, a figure higher than the number of victims of burglary or car theft.

By 2022, the use of new cybercrime technologies such as deepfake, which enables the victim’s face (deep face) or voice (deep voice) to be identically reproduced, is likely to increase this figure still further.