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Namirial obtains PVID certification from ANSSI and confirms its ambitions in France

Montpellier, Senigallia – December 14, 2023

Namirial is pleased to announce that its Netheos solution has received the security approval of the Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI) as a PVID provider certified to substantial level. This certification confirms the company’s position as European leader in trust services, and confirms its position in the French digital identity market.

In response to the steady increase in online subscriptions and the growing number of identity frauds, France is the first European country to regulate secure identity verification. This initiative is part of the drive to strengthen the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (LCB-FT), to make customer data more reliable (KYC – Know Your Customer), and in line with the European eIDAS regulation and ETSI standards. With this in mind, ANSSI has established the PVID certification standard to secure identities managed by online service providers, particularly those most at risk, with banks, insurance companies, fintech and trust services alone now accounting for more than half of all remote identity checks. The PVID standard therefore requires technical, human and security resources to validate the authenticity of users’ biometric and documentary data by an operator. PVID-certified solutions guarantee online service providers the security of 100% remote identity verification solutions, providing the same value as face-to-face verification.

Namirial, a European publisher recognized as one of the world leaders in digital trust
Namirial provides digital trust services ranging from digital identity management to legal archiving, including remote transaction management with electronic signatures and stamps. Today, the company is the only European software publisher recognized by the world’s leading market research firms as being on a par with the global giants, particularly in electronic signature and digital transaction management. Namirial supports its customers in their transformation and compliance challenges by integrating the highest levels of requirements in terms of personal data protection and evolving standards right from the design stage.

With its Netheos solution, the company sets itself apart among key accounts, particularly in the banking and insurance sectors, through the simplicity and speed of its user experience. It helps improve the conversion rates of its customers’ offers, verifying several million digital identities every month. Netheos captures identity documents and users’ faces, automatically analyzes the validity and conformity of the data with AI in real time, and guarantees its authenticity with anti-fraud experts. The PVID-certified solution reduces the risk of identity theft, and provides didactic support for users by reinforcing live detection with random actions. Pierre Pontier, General Manager of Namirial France declares:

Pierre Pontier

“We are proud to be PVID certified and to belong to the excellence of the French cybersecurity industry. This certification attests to the robustness and reliability of the Netheos solution which, already since 2015, relies on the alliance of AI and human. It’s an honor that rewards our expertise in the fight against fraud, through the performance of our AI and our cell of anti-fraud experts, unique in France. It supports our strategic choices and innovations in AI and facial recognition.”

A digital trust platform to meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s French market

This new certification for Namirial, combined with its active contribution to regulatory developments: eIDAS 2.0, EUDIW , consolidates its position as European leader in regulated trust services.

Pierre Pontier

“With an explosion in online transactions, the arrival of electronic invoicing, but also the need to evolve towards qualified electronic signatures, Namirial has a complete and unique portfolio of digital trust services. With PVID certification, we have an additional essential asset to effectively serve the challenges of digital identity management in France.”

About the Namirial Group

Namirial supports its customers in their digital transformation by providing solutions for reliable management of digital transactions. Namirial’s digital trust services include solutions for customer onboarding, agreement automation, signature workflow orchestration, identification, multi-factor authentication, electronic signature, electronic registered mail, long-term archiving and electronic invoicing.

The Namirial Group comprises Namirial, Namirial France, Evicertia and Bit4ID Group, including Uanataca, Agenzia Trotta (all acquired in 2022) and Unimatica (acquired in 2023). Namirial, Evicerita, Uanataca are accredited as qualified trust service providers under Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 eIDAS .

Founded in 2000 in Senigallia, Italy, the Namirial group is now present in over 85 countries and employs over 900 people. With its international network of over 150 strategic partners, the Namirial group serves over three million customers worldwide, processing several million transactions every day.

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