Netheos launches its qualified remote electronic signature solution

Netheos offers a qualified remote electronic signature solution ( eIDAS compliant), combined with a simple and fast identity verification. An innovation that meets the KYC requirements of the LCB-FT Directive and offers the highest level of security through an optimal user experience.

This solution offers an alternative to the upcoming PVID certification (Remote Identity Verification Provider) certification on the French market, by meeting the complementary vigilance measures 1 and 6 of the 5th LCB-FT directive.

Until now, remote electronic signatures were rarely used because of their very restrictive requirements. Now, qualified electronic signatures are easily accessible. It ensures regulatory compliance by respecting the requirements for remote customer relationship managementKYC) for financial institutions that are subject to the 5th European LCB-FT Directive.

On the user side, the experience remains the same as an advanced signature: the customer submits their ID and then performs a Facematch to confirm its identity. It is accompanied in real time by automatic controls to achieve the best possible capture. The ease of the proposed experience allows for a very high level of conversion.

The data is then analyzed by our anti-fraud unit “Netheos Services“, which relies on the controls of our artificial intelligences to give a verdict. An expert ensures the authenticity of the document and the selfie before submitting his decision.

Signing remotely with this level of security has never been easier! The qualified electronic signature offers the best legal protection in case of litigation. It has the advantage of reversing the burden of proof in the event of a dispute, placing the onus on the plaintiff to demonstrate the invalidity of the electronic signature.

Easily integrated, this solution offered on Trust and Sign allows companies subject to ACPR regulations to offer fully compliant courses. It is also more generally aimed at other sectors that want to have a signature with the highest level of security: authenticated deeds, contracts, subscriptions…

If you wish to enrich your customer onboarding processes with a qualified electronic signature solution, to make your subscriptions as secure as possible, contact us or request a demo via the buttons at the top of our menu.

Would you like more information about the Netheos qualified signature? See our dedicated solution page

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