Netheos launches its Qualified Electronic Signature solution!

Trust and Sign

A 100% French API platform

Trust and Sign is an API platform in SaaS mode. It responds to the main challenges of remote entry and subscription by offering solutions for :

A true omnichannel solution (remote but also face-to-face relations), Trust and Sign can be used as a white label for one of these needs or, on the contrary, for all of them in a totally integrated way.


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Trust and Sign is the first electronic signature platform that natively integrates a complete catalog of identity verification methods, up to the substantial level equivalent to a face-to-face meeting.

The advantages of the Trust and Sign solution

A catalog of identification means

Including identity document verification, Facematch with live detection and Electronic Registered Letter (ERL), which can be used on demand to :

  • To prevent identity theft or falsification
  • Ensure a high level of security and certification for your remote electronic signature
  • To be able to choose your regulatory compliance strategy depending on the situationKYC / 5th LCB-FT directive)

Total control of a technical base 100% developed in-house

Both with regard to regulatory constraints and technological choices, guaranteeing end-to-end :

  • A seamless user experience
  • The level of security and creation of digital evidence
  • An unparalleled service availability rate (99.985% in 2021)

A secure electronic signature certified at the European level ( eIDAS regulation)

Netheos goes further by associating a "legal protection" including an accompaniment in case of litigation and a financial coverage if its electronic signature was definitively rejected during a legal procedure.

back-office software, a source of operational efficiency

Making more efficient the manual interventions of doubt removal, catching up and file reopening.

An intelligent reminder and notification systeme-mail, SMS, webhook)

Providing maximum flexibility in the implementation of workflows cross-canal.

A dynamic fraud database

Allowing to avoid the hemorrhagic identity fraud via a declarative and dynamic base.
The database is shared between our different clients and allows us to detect documents previously declared fraudulent by our operators or your teams. It also detects similar pieces that use the same card backgrounds, for example.

An integrated reporting and tracking system

You can easily follow your flows, receiving periodically a summary of your activity: files created, finalized, rejected.
You benefit from a clear vision of your transformation by having access to numerous data allowing you to optimize your activity.

Focus on
One Click Contract

This is the Trust and Sign feature that allows to recognize a customer thanks to his phone number and e-mail address in order to simplify his new subscription process.

Trust and Sign meets your needs:

  • Transformation and fluidity of digital processes, with a simple and secure electronic signature associated with machine learning automation.
  • Regulatory compliance and the fight against fraud, with the verification of the client’s identity associated with the control of completeness, compliance and documentary fraudKYC / LCB-FT).

Hosting in France in 5 independent secure centers

Including 2x2 active-active clusters to balance workloads across multiple active servers to preserve the security and high availability of your data in the event of an unexpected component failure.

SLA Uptime Level


Arkhinéo archiving of signed documents and evidence file

The Arkhinéo (formerly Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation) Electronic Archiving Solution (EAS) is easily auditable and enforceable in the event of a dispute, even if you are no longer a Netheos customer.

The widest range of identity verification solutions on the market

A true hub of integrated solutions, Netheos offers a complete catalog of remote identity verification solutions that meet your regulatory obligations:

Facematch and live detection

Certified PVID or 100% automatic course.

Operated in France


Transparent to the customer.

High transformation potential.

Electronic Registered Letter

Fast and without moving.

Qualified solution.

Digital Identity
The Post Office

Easy authentication.

Quick account creation.

Trust and Sign adapts to your needs

To collect and control complex e-files, or simply verify identity and perform an electronic signature, Trust and Sign is a scalable solution that can be integrated according to your needs.

Trust and Sign offers white label API and GUIs. A ” back-office ” software allows to visualize the ” pipe ” of incoming files and to validate their completeness and conformity, as well as the authenticity of identities and documents.

Trust and Sign relies on a secure infrastructure hosted in France in 5 independent centers. Best practices are implemented to guarantee a high level of security and availability of services (99.985% in 2021).


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Trust and Sign partners

Since 2013, the French Trust and Sign solution has been proven by many customers and has become a key part of their business processes.