On Thursday, June 28, 2018, Netheos organized the first summer version of the Digital Subscription Forum (Summer Edition) in Montpellier. This event was dedicated to digital underwriting experts in the banking and insurance sector.

Artificial intelligence, onboarding, KYC, electronic signatures… These terms invade the web and are the consequence of an accelerated transformation of consumption patterns where immediacy is de rigueur. Major groups are placing user experience at the heart of their digital strategy. But how do you differentiate yourself in a market that has seen the emergence of a wave of Fintechs and Insurtechs that are constantly revolutionizing the distribution of banking and insurance products? How can we digitalize and secure underwriting in a highly regulated environment, while ensuring a seamless user experience?

To answer these and other questions, Netheos and Capgemini invited the industry’s national experts in digital underwriting. The half-day program included presentations on the latest market trends, experience-sharing, a regulatory overview, a round-table discussion and more.

World Fintech Report by Capgemini

In this report, Christophe Joassard, Head of Nearshore Center Montpellier at Capgemini, highlights the rise of fintechs as they continue to modernize the financial services customer journey. However, many startups have realized that they will have difficulty succeeding on their own. With complementary strengths, fintechs are increasingly seeking symbiotic collaboration with financial organizations, according to the
World Fintech Report 2018
. The report examines how Fintechs are transforming the customer journey for these organizations through improved customer focus and the use of emerging technologies, the potential of strategic alliances between Fintechs and traditional financial institutions, and the impending role of BigTechs in financial services.

Artificial intelligence: fraud detection and real-time customer experience

At the event, Florent D’halluin, Data Scientist at Netheos, emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence in the digital underwriting process. This is the only way to move towards a real-time, remote user experience, and offers fraud-fighting possibilities that are inaccessible to human operators. After giving a general overview of what AI is, and more specifically of
Machine Learning
Florent describes a few examples of Machine-Learning solutions within the

Regulatory overview of digital underwriting

David Emo, CTO at Netheos, gave us an overview of the regulatory environment for digital underwriting, highlighting the effervescence of the sector. It focuses on the four main regulations (
) and draws a parallel with the operational impacts on digital underwriting.


ROUND TABLE: How to reconcile regulatory obligations and user experience?

Netheos led this round table alongside
Banque Casino
Morning, and
Euler Hermes
. The aim was to enable the speakers to share their experience on the subject in a totally neutral way, since this table was not made up exclusively of solution users.


Sébastien Reyes, Head of Digital Operations at Euler Hermes, affirms the group’s ambition to offer its customers ever more innovative digital underwriting paths, responding to the need for immediacy and connectivity in a sector as fast-moving as insurance. As KYC and risk management are fundamental to Euler Hermes, this ambition will not replace these obligations.

As for Damien Lacroix, Innovation Director at Banque Casino, he expresses his desire to provide a quick and easy user experience for their customers. The focus is therefore necessarily on automation, to enable managers not only to allocate their time to high value-added actions, but also to considerably reduce the administrative jousting involved in the customer contracting process. Today, 90% of credit transactions are carried out online and signed electronically, in full compliance with market regulations.

Finally, Emmanuel Cros, Director of Operations at Morning, a 100% online bank and subsidiary of Banque Edel, highlights this neobank’s fine balance between regulatory obligations and user experience. The account is opened in less than 10 minutes, and in the event of a problem, the matter is resolved within 72 hours. Morning’s main ambition is to provide its customers with instant services, in particular with PayAsYouGo, an alternative to traditional insurance, enabling them to take out insurance in just one click for a short period of time (such as a vacation).

Afterwards, a convivial after-work session in one of the city’s most prestigious châteaux enabled all participants to continue their discussions.

Thanks again to all the participants and speakers for helping to make this Digital Subscription Forum a success! We look forward to seeing you next semester for a new edition, this time in Paris!

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