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Online underwriting: automate your customers’ credential checks with AI

How does AI reduce processing times and help save money? How to increase the completeness and compliance rate of your customer files?

Discover Trust and Sign innovations, the secure digital underwriting solution that automates the analysis of your customers’ credentials.

The automatic control of supporting documents (income, address, bank account, etc.) reduces processing times and ensures that applications are complete and compliant (90% of applications are signed and finalized within 72 hours in a self-care process). The customer experience is improved by accompanying the user in real time. By automating low value-added tasks, such as part processing, you can optimize the operational performance of your teams. Finally, these technologies allow you to protect yourself against document fraud by relying on numerous control points.

Join us for 30 minutes, and discover an innovative solution that automates and secures new customer subscriptions.

PROGRAM (30 min)

  • How does AI save money?
  • Automation of the control of receipts
  • Demo
  • Questions/Answers

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