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New PVID certification: how to reconcile customer experience and compliance?

The first PVID certifications will arrive soon. How to continue to ensure compliance with the ACPR?

When identity verification is done remotely, the main risk remains identity fraud. It is in this context that ANSSI has defined a new standard to certify Remote Identity Verification Providers. According to very precise specifications, these actors are responsible for verifying :

  • Authenticity of the submitted ID
  • Matching of the user’s face with the photo of the ID provided.

Come and discover our solution that maximizes customer transformation. Thanks to a simple and patented user experience, the verification is done in a fluid way, preserving a high conversion rate. Discover also our different Facematch solutions that can be adapted to your needs, and how they fit into your remote contracting process.

Who is concerned? When to implement these requirements? How to meet these new requirements? Come and find all the answers to your questions during this 45-minute webinar.

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