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Distance selling Brokers / Insurers : How to finalize the online subscription ?

Accelerate the subscription process with automated document control and electronic signature.

The brokerage profession must also face a series of complex changes: technological, regulatory, behavioral, etc. Indeed, the latter must adapt to the new consumption patterns of its prospects. This is illustrated by the need to develop a digitalized and omnichannel underwriting process in order to obtain an optimal customer experience and, above all, to gain in productivity.

But how to meet the expectations of their prospects? How can you accelerate the subscription to their products? How can you digitize the sales process while ensuring full regulatory compliance and without disrupting existing business processes?

Participate in our webinar and discover Netheosa digital trust service provider, who will address all of these issues and provide concrete answers.

This webinar will focus on automating the collection and control of receipts, electronic signatures, and integration into your business processes.

About Netheos

Netheos supports brokerage professionals in integrating a remote underwriting pathway by combining automated control of credentials and electronic signature, thanks to AI.

This allows brokers to have their clients subscribe remotely, leaving the advisor to focus primarily on building a solid omnichannel commercial relationship (by phone, in person, or online). The automatic collection and control of receipts significantly reduces the risk of fraud. The electronic signature simplifies and accelerates the signing of documents.

Insurance references :CNP Assurances and Préfonand Euler Hermes, Youseetc.

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