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Tinder uses video identity verification to secure exchanges

The popular dating app Tinder, recently announced a new video identity verification feature to combat fake accounts. This feature will enable users to ensure that their interlocutor is who he or she claims to be, and not a case of identity theft.

While the ability to verify identity by taking a selfie was already available, video verification should take this to the next level with a series of quick videos. In concrete terms, the user verifies his or her identity by taking a video selfie. The face in this video is then compared with the faces in the photos provided on the user’s profile. Once verified, the user receives a free “verified” badge.

According to Rory Kozoll, Vice President of Security at Tinder, this new feature meets members’ expectations for effective security tools. Video verification is an additional way for members to check the authenticity of their “match”, in addition to the photo verification tool already available.

The aim of this system is to reassure users, add confidence to exchanges and make encounters more secure. Like Facebook (Meta), Instagram or Twitter, Tinder follows the trend of social networking and social networking applications by integrating an identity verification function. It has to be said that with the ease of creating a fake account, recovering images of other people, identity theft is very easy and the consequences can be serious for the victims.

In short, the Tinder app is taking steps to strengthen the security of its dating platform. This new video identity verification feature is a further step in this direction, offering users increased protection against fake accounts, online scams and bad encounters. With this feature, app users can have greater confidence in the authenticity of their matches.

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