Manage your remote subscriptions from A to Z

Netheos is an API platform in SaaS mode. It responds to the main challenges of remote contact and subscription, offering solutions for identity verification, electronic signature and automated verification of supporting documents.

A truly omnichannel solution (for both remote and face-to-face relations), Netheos can be used as a white-label solution for any of these needs, or as a fully integrated solution for all of them.

Instant identity verification

Verify the identity of your users with our ®Facematch solutions, featuring ID analysis coupled with facial recognition.

Automated verification of supporting documents

Analyze all types of documentary evidence (identity, income, domicile, banking) with AI to automate authenticity and compliance checks, and humans to reinforce verifications.

eIDAS-certified electronic signatures

Sign your documents and contracts with a simple, advanced or qualified 100% remote electronic signature, integrated into quick and easy eIDAS-compliant processes.