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Prevent Go

Real-time compliance and document fraud control

An API solution in SaaS mode, Prevent Go enables 100% automatic analysis of the image quality of documents sent, their validity and their consistency with the information transmitted on the call.


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The benefits of Prevent Go

4 layers of controls

Quality, type, consistency and authenticity analysis.

Reduced manual process

Reduce the time and resources needed to process documents.

Time saving

The analysis takes place automatically in just a few seconds.

Wide choice of documents

Identity, pay slips, tax notices, invoices, payment schedules, certificates…

Simplified user experience

Fluid process allowing users to be autonomous.

Better recognition and reading rates

Proprietary OCR and Machine Learning technologies.

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Authenticity control of received documents

The Covid-19 crisis and its consequences on the digitalization of society, as well as the recent democratization of generative AI tools and document editing solutions, have considerably increased attempts at identity and document fraud.

To combat this scourge, Prevent Go uses proprietary OCR and Machine Learning technologies to check the authenticity of documents received (security features, connection to external repositories, etc.) in order to detect attempts at document fraud such as counterfeiting or falsification.


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“We have considerably reduced the processing time of our files from an average of 34 days to 2 days.”

Christian CARREGA

General Manager - Préfon

Stephan REIZER

DG Digital Transformation and Data Management - In'Li

“When we carried out our benchmark, Netheos was the only player to detect a false payslip where the error lay in a non-existent date “le 31/06/2019″. Beyond this example, the performance level of their controls met our expectations.”


Vertuloo Manager - Bessé Immobilier & Construction

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