On Thursday, December 6, 2018, Netheos will be speaking at the FinTech Tour about Montpellier-based fintechs at the heart of the dematerialization of the economy.

Throughout 2018, a tour of the 13 French Tech metropolises is bringing together all local FinTech players, with a triple objective: contribute to the growth of nuggets from all French regions, strengthen regional FinTech ecosystems in French Tech metropolises and support FinTech startups in their national and international development.

It was on this occasion that Netheos, a trusted player serving highly regulated sectors, was approached by the
French Tech
network to take part in a round-table discussion on the theme of :

“Montpellier fintechs at the heart of the dematerialization of the economy”.

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About Netheos

Trust and Sign by Netheos eliminates paper and uses
Artificial Intelligence
to secure and accelerate online sales of banking and insurance products. By automating the analysis of the conformity and authenticity of documents submitted by the customer, support becomes real-time. The certified electronic signature (
European eIDAS regulation
) and the associated KYC make it possible to sign prospects online in full compliance with regulations.

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