IN’LI : Online rental process for intermediate housing


Action Logement, through its subsidiary In’li, aims to make it easier for young professionals and employees with average income to access housing. The roll-out of a 100% digital rental process is part of this strategy. Watch the video feedback from Stephan Reizer, Managing Director of Digital Transformation and Data Management. 


Easy access to intermediate housing

Young professionals and average-income workers are impacted by the housing crisis in major cities. They find themselves in a situation where their income is too high for social housing, but too low for the private housing market. Intermediate housing meets their needs by offering a rent lower than that of the private market, while benefiting from locations near their workplace.


A clear development strategy

In’li’s development strategy is based along three main lines:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improvement of internal processes
  • Development and financing


The digital transformation contributes to the company’s overall strategy. The implementation of digital pathways and new services, such as digital leasing, with electronic signature, increases customer satisfaction. Moreover, the implementation of digitalised solutions simplifies and streamlines internal processes, while promoting the company’s development.

Stephan Reizer Inli

„In’li is a strong advocate for a 100% digital process, from the housing search to moving in. In this context, it seemed obvious to us to implement new projects, such as digital leasing.” 

Stephan Reizer – Managing Director, Digital Transformation and Data Management.


Digitalising and securing the rental process

When implementing the digital lease, the aim was to verify the authenticity of the submitted documents, in order to make the process secure. The solution developed by Netheos enables automatic analysis of a wide range of documents, including national identity cards and tax notices.

Aside from the ease of API integration and the simplicity of implementation in IT systems, the solution has many advantages. The benefits are immediate. The intermediate housing vacancy rate has been reduced, for example. The first results are very encouraging as more than half of the users have decided to conclude their lease online.


Watch In’li’s video feedback: