CNP ASSURANCES NEXT GENERATION: User experience at the heart of partner strategy


The CNP Assurances group, a pioneer in the French personal insurance market, was able to stand out in its partnership strategy by strengthening its historical offer by means of digitalised subscription processes.



The insurance sector is also facing a series of complex changes: technology, regulations, behaviour, etc. Indeed, the sector must adapt to new forms of consumption where the omnichannel nature of digital becomes the key to customer experience.

The most visible development in the insurance sector is still online subscription. Indeed, it has continued to grow from 3% of sales in 2012 to 8% in 2016 (source: Accenture). These regulatory and technological developments therefore encourage innovation and the creation of new ways of distributing insurance.



The CNP Assurances group, a pioneer in the French personal insurance market, was able to stand out in its partnership strategy by strengthening its historical offer with digitalised subscription processes.

In 2013, CNP Assurances was one of the first insurers to set up a digital subscription method via an electronic signature programme that enabled them to multiply partners and significantly speed up their integration. With the electronic signature bearing fruit, it was essential for the group to continue its development by placing the user experience at the heart of its strategy during onboarding and file creation.


Frank Van Caenegem, CISO CNP Assurances

“We realised that we had more and more quick wins to make in terms of onboarding, i.e. from the signatory’s registration until the documents are issued to the subscriber.”

Frank Van Caenegem, CISO CNP Assurances


Indeed, subscription to selfcare regulated products requires not only the electronic signature of documents, but also the submission of a file of supporting documents (DDA, KYC, solvency, etc.). This leads to a very significant rate of incomplete and/or noncompliant files, in addition to increased abandonment associated with the breakdown of digital to paper. Faced with the major work necessary for technological development of a robust model combining KYC and user experience, CNP Assurances made the choice in 2017 to turn to a trusted partner. This strategic alliance was led by Netheos, an expert in this field, and was able to offer a compliant, automated and innovative turnkey digital subscription workflow.


Frank Van Caenegem, CISO CNP Assurances

“Netheos offers a low-code subscription process for the integrator that will allow us to accept all the new technologies needed to obtain the finest user experience today and tomorrow”

Frank Van Caenegem, CISO CNP Assurances


La Préfon, Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance de la Fonction Publique, which is a subscriber to a group insurance policy with CNP Assurances, turned to its partner to offer its customers a digitalised solution for signing up to the policy. The CNP Assurances group responded to the request by proposing the Netheos solution.

This new sign-up method was put into production in less than three months and the first tests were successful. To date, Préfon has improved its conversion rate to reach 55% in selfcare. The completeness of these files is also expedited, as Christian Carrega notes.


Christian Carrega, Managing Director CNP Assurances

“We have significantly reduced the processing time for our cases from an average of 34 days to 2 days.”

Christian Carrega, Managing Director Préfon



The aim of the CNP Assurances group is of course to contribute to the performance of its partners’ digital offering and to multiply the use cases to maintain its leadership in the sector.


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