Remote identity verification

// The challenge of trust in distance selling

Checking the identity of a new remote customer is a major challenge for organisations selling online with a high risk of identity fraud.

It’s not enough to find new customers; you also need to find the right ones!

This need is heightened when subject to regulatory obligations, as is the case for banks and insurance companies (KYC /5th AML-FT Directive).

There are a number of solutions to this, such as a substantial level of electronic identity or the implementation of additional vigilance measures (Article 561-5-2 of the Monetary and Financial Code), but in practice, the underlying techniques are not easy to apply.


Solutions adapted to your identity verification challenges

Whether it’s controlling fraud or meeting regulatory obligations, the Netheos identity verification solutions is constantly adapting to technological and regulatory developments.

You can focus on your business with the assurance that you are complying with the relevant regulations.

// Remote identity verification at 3 key points

Real-time verification of identity documents

Quality > type > consistency > authenticity
Combating document fraud
0 s
to verify an identity document and provide feedback to the user
0 %
identity documents are checked without human intervention

Facematch with proof-of-life detection

Combatting identity theft
Effective proof of life

but easy to apply so as not to generate dropouts​

Automated and/or human control

The dynamic fraud base

Combatting haemorraging fraud
Shared database

Detects documents declared fraudulent via a shared database (populated manually)

Flow fraud detection

Automatically detects a similar itemthat has already been used on your feed (populated via AI)

// Netheos remote identity verification solutions

PVID certified path

  • Remote Identity Verification Provider (PVID) certification by ANSSI (in progress)
  • Human control performed in France
  • Customized time scope
  • Level of guarantee equivalent to that of an eIDAS substantial level identity (face to face equivalent)

Automated journey

  • Instant response (100% automatic)
  • Fully customizable
  • Manual correction of rejects by a Netheos human expert (optional)
  • Archival certificate of compliance at the client’s discretion
Certification of Remote Identity Verification Providers (PVID) by the ANSSI

In process of obtaining

Works in full web

on any smartphone or computer.

Graphical interface

allowing you to keep the investigation in your hands and to industrialize it for a better operational efficiency


The solution for digital login and subscription

Trust and Sign responds to the main login and subscription challenges by offering the following solutions: