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What are the different levels of electronic signature? For which uses? What conditions guarantee the legal value of a signed document?

Come and learn about the requirements of the eIDAS regulation, a European regulation that since 2016 frames the criteria that must be met for an electronic signature process to be valid. Choosing a trusted service provider can also be complicated at times. 

Some criteria to consider to make the right choice:

  • An adapted signature level

  • A reliable and robust infrastructure

  • A regularly updated solution that meets your needs

  • An optimal user experience

Integrated within a global solution allowing to digitalize your processes, the electronic signature secures these remote transactions by being coupled with :

  • Remote identity verification

  • Automated analysis of receipts

  • Time stamping and legal archiving with probative value

Attend our webinar, and find all the answers to your questions to help you meet your regulatory compliance.

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