CDC Habitat, France’s leading landlord, is breaking new ground and offering its customers a 100% digital rental experience.

The real estate sector has undergone a profound transformation over the past four years, facing a series of technological, regulatory and behavioral changes. Indeed, property managers are placing the user experience at the heart of their digital strategy by revolutionizing the entire value chain from file management to the end customer.


The CDC Habitat Group, France’s leading landlord, is breaking new ground by offering its customers a 100% digital rental experience.

Launched in January 2017, My rental space becomes the first platform in the rental management market that dematerializes its entire process, from the housing application to the first month’s rent payment.

The observation was simple, the Intermediate Rental Housing launched by CDC Habitat under the name Vivelli in 2015, on the strength of its success, had to deal with a considerable growth in requests. A solution had to be found to respond not only to the business logic, but also to the challenge of digitalization, a societal phenomenon in which the user experience is king.

Romain Jordan CDC Habitat

“We need to support new uses and offer an enriched customer journey when almost all access to housing is via the internet.”

Romain Jordan, Sales and Marketing Director at CDC Habitat

Indeed, the rental process in « selfcare » is a highly regulated process requiring not only the submission of mandatory supporting documents for the constitution of an application file (CNI, tax notice, RIB, etc.) but also involving an electronic signature of the lease. Putting together the file was a heavy and time-consuming task for the manager, who had to collect and analyze the supporting documents himself, and often had to go back and forth with his prospect to finalize the file.

To support its rental management teams and help them focus on higher value-added actions, CDC Habitat Group made the choice in 2016 to turn to a trusted service provider. This strategic alliance was carried out alongside Netheos, an expert in this field, and capable of offering a complete, automated, innovative, and regulatory-compliant workflow.

Romain Pons CDC Habitat

“We developed My Rental Space, to speed up our rental processes, reduce our file processing times, and give our agencies more time to focus on customer relations. To automate our part checks and reminders, we integrated Netheos’ PreventGoAPI, and did so in less than a day.”

Romain Pons, Information system manager, sales and marketing area

Today, Mon Espace Location represents approximately 5,000 active files and 4,500 dematerialized and electronically signed leases.

Romain Pons CDC Habitat

“In one year, we’ve seen a noticeable growth in the number of dematerialized rental files, and cut the time it takes to process them in half.”

Romain Pons, Information system manager, sales and marketing area

CDC Habitat continues its digitalization by offering this year the SLS survey online. The new commercial site will be launched in October and will become the single point of entry for their customers, tenants, candidates and prospects: from the search for their home, through rental or accession, to the signing of the lease or promise to purchase.

CDC habitat My rental file

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