Trust and Sign

// A 100% French API platform

Trust and Sign is an API platform in SaaS mode. It responds to the main login and subscription challenges by offering the following solutions:
A veritable omnichannel solution (remote as well as face-to-face), Trust and Sign can be used as a white label for one of these needs or for the whole in a fully integrated way.
Identity + Signature: Trust and Sign is the 1st electronic signature platform that natively integrates a complete catalogue of identity verification methods, up to a substantial level that can be considered equivalent to being face to face. ”


A catalogue of identification methods

Including verification of identity documents, " Facematch " which detects human beings and Electronic Registered Letter (LRE), which can be used on demand in order to:

  • prevent forgery or identity theft
  • ensure a high level of security and certification to your remote electronic signature
  • help you to choose your regulatory compliance strategy, depending on the situation (KYC / 5th directive LCB-FT)

A secure electronic signature certified at European level (eIDAS regulation)

Netheos goes further by also associating "legal protection", combining support in the event of litigation and financial coverage if its electronic signature is definitively rejected during legal proceedings.

Complete control of a technical platform that is 100% developed in-house

Both with regard to regulatory constraints and technological choices, it guarantees the following from start to finish:

  • A smooth user experience (seamless)
  • The level of security and creation of digital evidence
  • An unparalleled service availability rate (99.998% in 2019)

A Dynamic Fraud Platform

To avoid haemorrhagic identity fraud via a declarative and dynamic database (with machine learning).

Backoffice software for operational efficiency

Making manual interventions for the removal of doubts, recovery and reopening of the case more efficient.

An intelligent reminder and notification system (Email, SMS, webhook)

Providing maximum flexibility in the implementation of cross-channel workflows.

An integrated reporting and tracking system

Allowing you to monitor its production and periodically receive an activity summary.

Focus on One Click Contract

This is the Trust and Sign feature that allows a customer to be recognised by their telephone number and Email address in order to simplify their new subscription process.

Trust and Sign meets your needs:

  • Transformation and fluidity of digital paths, with a simple and secure electronic signature associated with automated machine learning.
  • Regulatory compliance and anti-fraud, with verification of the client’s identity associated with comprehensiveness, compliance and document fraud monitoring (KYC / LCB-FT).

Hosted in France in 5 independent secure centres

Including 2x2 Active-Active High Availability Cluster

80 %
SLA 2019

Arkhinéo archiving of signed documents and evidence file

The Arkhinéo Electronic Archiving Solution (SAE) (formerly Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation) is easily auditable and enforceable in the event of a dispute, even if you are no longer a Netheos customer.


A true hub of integrated solutions, Netheos offers a complete catalogue of remote identity verification solutions that meet your regulatory obligations:

Face Match and liveness detection

PVID certified journey
or 100% automatic

Operated in France

SEPAmail DIAMOND Network

Transparent for the customer

High transformation potential

Electronic Registered Letter (ERL)

Fast and
without travel

Qualified solution

La Poste Digital

Easy authentication

Quick account creation

// Trust and Sign adapts to your needs

To collect and monitor complex e-files, or simply verify an identity and perform an electronic signature, Trust and Sign is a scalable solution that can be integrated according to your needs.

Trust and Sign offers white label APIs and graphical interfaces. Back-office software allows you to view the “pipe” of incoming files and to validate their completeness and conformity, as well as the authenticity of identities and documents.

Trust and Sign is based on a secure infrastructure that is hosted in France in 5 independent centres. Best practice is implemented to ensure a high level of security and service availability (99.998% in 2019).


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Would you like something more integrated and transparent for your users? Our web components can be inserted into your pages to ensure the smoothest possible customer experience.


Do you want to integrate our functions into the very heart of your application? Our APIs give you access to all of our services.

// Trust and Sign partners


Since 2013, the French Trust and Sign solution has been tried and tested by many customers and has become a key part of their business processes.