4 reasons to digitize the underwriting process


The sanitary crisis and the national confinement have impacted all sectors of activity and have profoundly modified our behaviors. The changes brought about by this unprecedented crisis are multiple. People have to limit their travels, keep a physical distance and limit contacts, teleworking is now preferred. For the time being, social distancing is still the rule in our society and companies must adapt to maintain their business. Digital technology has become an important ally to continue to sign new customers, while respecting the health recommendations.

Netheos, a trusted service provider, looks back at the 4 main benefits of digitizing the underwriting process:

1) Reduce costs

Digital underwriting solutions allow you to be more efficient and save time. Indeed, the automatic verification of documents and the real-time feedback to the user allow to build a complete and compliant file very quickly. The associated electronic signature allows to sign instantly and to finalize the sale at any time thanks to a 24/7 availability of the solution, and on any terminal (smartphone, tablet, computer..). The customer experience is improved and the transformation rates increased.

2) Limit contact

Opting for fully dematerialized solutions makes it possible to limit the paper management of files, as well as physical contacts with end customers. Everything can be done entirely online, remotely, which limits contacts between customers and managers. Travel to the branch is no longer essential, which reassures customers and speeds up the underwriting process.

3) Secure its processes by complying with regulations

Digital underwriting solutions include algorithms for verifying supporting documents. Artificial Intelligence allows to analyze the quality of the documents sent, but also to verify their authenticity. The risk of fraud is reduced thanks to these processes, which detect any anomaly or alteration that the human eye is not able to detect.

The certified electronic signature secures the subscription by respecting a proven legal framework that complies with European regulations (eIDAS). The evidence file and legal archiving provide concrete elements in the event of a dispute, and guarantee the durability of the evidence.

4) Follow the progress of the files

The file management interface provides a clear view of the commercial pipeline. It is possible to follow the progress of the files in progress. Each action taken by the manager or the client is traced and recorded within the file. Thanks to automation tools, the reminders to customers can be autonomous: forgotten document, missing signature, which considerably increases the conversion rate.

En résumé, la numérisation des processus de souscription permet d’accélérer les ventes et la conversion des prospects. La pérennité de nombreuses entreprises passe par la dématérialisation des processus de souscription. La vérification automatique des documents réduit les fraudes et les délais de traitement. Les signatures électroniques certifiées facilitent et sécurisent ces interactions entre gestionnaires et clients.

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