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Qualified Electronic Signature: combining compliance and user experience

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Background and challenges

As ANSSI points out, “the European eIDAS regulation aims to establish a legal framework conducive to greater confidence in electronic transactions within the internal market. In particular, this regulation formalizes requirements for the issuance of electronic signature and seal certificates, as well as the security of devices used to create these electronic signatures and seals. It provides for four distinct levels of electronic signature and seal, each with different characteristics, uses and legal effects”.

In this context, the Qualified Electronic Signature corresponds to the highest level enabling reliable assurance of the signatory’s identity, based on a qualified electronic signature certificate. More generally, the qualified signature is aimed at other sectors that want to offer a signature with the highest level of security. Unlike other types of signature, the qualified level is the only level that has the same value as a handwritten signature.

However, setting up reliable, legally-compliant pathways while benefiting from good conversion rates can prove a complicated challenge for financial institutions and other regulated sectors. How can we avoid shifting the burden of restrictive standards – to which they are subject – onto the user experience to guarantee compliance?

This balance between UX and compliance can have an impact on both conversions and compliance. Namirial’s Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) responds to this problem by offering a legally compliant framework and the fastest, most fluid user path on the market.

QES path = Netheos ID FAST âž• Netheos Sign

đź”’Netheos ID FAST: the remote identity verification solution

Video identity verification with the best user experience on the market.

Netheos Qualified Electronic Signature

✒️Netheos Sign: the electronic signature solution

The eIDAS electronic signature with the highest level of security

The results

In this use case, the use of the 2 Netheos solutions enabled us to improve a number of indicators:

  • A higher conversion rate
  • Full regulatory compliance (KYC & LCB-FT)
  • A drastic reduction in the risk of identity fraud thanks to ®Facematch Video with proof of life.

Average time to verify identity of signatory

38 sec

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In this white paper, you can discover :

  • The different levels of electronic signatures in the eIDAS regulation and their requirements
  • Qualified signature (QES): security level, benefits, case study
  • PVID certification: definition, standards and advantages of choosing an ANSSI-certified service provider
  • QES: How do you reconcile regulatory compliance and the customer experience?
  • And finally, as a bonus: a quiz to find out all you need to know on the subject!