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PVID: everything you need to know about ANSSI certification

đź’ˇ Discover the real impact of identity fraud on your business, the new techniques of fraudsters in 2024, the risks involved and the solutions for dealing with them.

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📢 Namirial is PVID certified by ANSSI!

In 2023, Namirial reached a new milestone in its development by becoming an official Remote Identity Verification Provider (PVID), thanks to the ANSSI’s security visa for its Netheos ID MAX product.

PVID certification represents official recognition by ANSSI that the services of a remote identity verification provider comply with the very high requirements of its standards. This certification is therefore a mark of quality and confidence for the providers of these critical services.

The challenge

Financial and banking institutions must comply with the 5th LCB-FT directive when entering into distance relationships.

PVID (Prestataire de Vérification d’Identité à Distance) certification, issued by ANSSI, certifies that the solution meets the precise requirements set out in a set of standards. Its aim is to harmonize security standards across the market, in order to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud.

The PVID-certified identity verification solution is proof of its robustness. Regularly audited, it is one of the solutions that comply with the French Monetary and Financial Code.

Download our free infographic

In this infographic, you can discover :

  • The real impact of identity fraud on businesses
  • New fraud techniques used in 2024
  • The risks you run when your identity verification solutions aren’t effective enough
  • Existing solutions to combat fraud once and for all